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People are the life blood of any creative business.

In our experience entrepreneurs are exceptionally talented at what they do: getting their ideas going, engaging with clients, moving fast, raising cash.

Often with all that happening people and talent get ignored; swept under the proverbial carpet.

Good people wander off elsewhere, the less good stay forever and you never get round to working out what to do with them. Your recruitment strategy relies on who’s currently looking for a job, probably let go from the place down the road who finally figured out how to let their under-performing long-stayer go.

You spend more money on freelancers than you’d like because permanent staff are hard to find and all your perm people want to know the next step for them and you’re really not sure what that is.

So – here’s where we come in.  We can help with any or all of this.

In-housing your recruitment is likely to cost no more than it does currently and could save real cash which you can use to grow your business; it will certainly save you considerable time as well as find better talent.

Holding on to your people and creating or maintaining a great place to work as you grow will cost a little more but that’s because you can’t put a price on great teams.

If this could help you grow your business call Shirley Pruden:

07947 716311

Or email shirleypruden@resourcingpartners.com

Partnering London’s creative world to source, keep and develop the best talent, saving you valuable time and money.